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RainSoft of Columbus Water Treatment Systems & Air Purification Solutions

RainSoft is an independently-owned and operated company based in Columbus, Ohio. RainSoft has been committed to providing the very best in water and air purification for over 50 years. Our list of services and products include – whole house water purification systems, room and whole house air purification equipment, trained service professionals as well as other energy saving products for your homes.

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Winter Air Purification

Winter is coming: Get better indoor air quality with our air purification systems! Everyone wants an energy efficient home, right? But did you know that a home that is too energy efficient can harm your indoor air quality? It’s true. A home that keeps warm air in during the cold winter months conversely keeps air Read More

Proper Hydration

Are you properly hydrated? How much do you need per day and how to get your ounces Proper hydration is a must for everyone, young and old. So many of us do not meet our goals for proper hydration on a daily basis and according to the American Heart Association, getting enough water means your Read More