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Our Mission

Our mission is simple-to provide our customers with premium environmental products in order to improve the quality of water and air in your home and subsequently improve both your families' well-being and overall health. Our top of the line products partnered with our certified water technicians assure you that the equipment we install in your home will meet the needs of your family and exceed your expectations.

About RainSoft of Greater Columbus

RainSoft is an independently-owned and operated company based in Columbus, Ohio. RainSoft has been committed to providing the very best in water and air purification for over 50 years. Our list of services and products include - whole house water purification systems, room and whole house air purification equipment, trained service professionals as well as other energy saving products for your homes.

"I have reduced cleaning time and bills since my installation. With several animals, the air purification system is priceless."

"We love how it cleans up dirty dishes, how it cleans clothes, & leaves your skin soft & is great tasting. This system smells good & the family loves it. It is a must buy, you will love the system."

"Drinking water is much cleaner & more refreshing. Baths/showers leave skin less dry during the winter months."