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Serving the Columbus metro-area with integrity and pride. Here at RainSoft of Greater Columbus we treat each customer like family, we are dedicated to offering the best water and air treatment products for the home at a fair price and with the best warranty. Our goal is for every customer to have the positive experience; this is what makes RainSoft a trusted name in the industry. See what our customers are saying about us today.

See what people are saying about RainSoft

Name: Daniel & Angelique
Comments: Tastes great no bottled water. Anxious to use new soap package.
Name: Robert & Anita
Comments: Soft water and it functions so well we don't have to do anything. Also very convenient and we like the taste. Absolutely Wonderful!
Name: Matthew & Amber
Comments: We noticed a huge difference in ourdrinking water. It tasted better than some bottled water. My wife noticed a hugedifference after she took a shower the first time. She took a shower at her mother'shouse and didn't feel clean after she got out.
Name: Tiffany
Comments: I love the fact that I don't have to buy bottled water anymore. I can get bottled water from my sink. I love how it feels when I'm taking a shower. My skin feels softer already and I've only had my systema month.
Name: Roger & Sarah
Comments: We love the softness of the water on our bodies and clothing. We can now drink the water instead of buying bottled water.
Name: Scott & Sara
Location: Galloway, Ohio
Comments: Drinking water is much cleaner & more refreshing. Bath/showers leave skin much less dry during dry winter months.
Name: Carrie
Location: Upper Arlington, Ohio
Comments: I always feel moisturized after I was hmy hands or take a shower. I love RainSoft.
Name: Debra & Jimmie
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Comments: RainSoft has made our lives so much more enjoyable. We have saved money already in the first month, less water waste, less money spent on drinking water for our family, less cleaning needed on bathroom and kitchen sink etc. We would recommend RainSoft to everyone.
Name: Charles & Velvet
Location: Canal Winchester, OH
Comments: We love the taste of the water and the soft feel in the shower.
Name: Greg
Location: Columbus, OH
Comments: Cuts down on bottled water. The chlorine smell is gone and my skin is softer.
Name: Jason & Shannon
Location: Galloway, OH
Comments: The water feels good and tastes great. The savings are excellent on household items, becouse you don't need as much with soft water.
Name: Jean
Location: Canal Winchester, OH
Comments: The water tastes better and the showers feel so much better.
Name: Lori
Location: Marysville, OH
Comments: I love the feel of the soft water.
Name: Ella
Comments: Tastes a lot better, soft when washing hair, and lathers up well.
Name: Mark & Beth
Comments: Love the new clean water in R.O.
Name: Keith & Roberta
Comments: We love how it cleans up dirty dishes,how it cleans clothes, and leaves your skin soft and is very good tasting. This system is very good smelling and the family loves it. It is a must to get, you will love the system.
Name: Stacey Perkins
Comments: I have reduced cleaning time and bills since my installation. With several animals, the air purification system is priceless.
Name: Cedric & Kelly
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Comments: RainSoft water systems feel just like their name. Our clothes are softer and the water tastes good. I knew how city water was treated therefore I refused to drink it. The water feels great when your coming home from a long days work and jump in the shower or tub. It also makes more soap bubbles than Mr. Bubbles. I'm satisfied.
Name: Jonathan & Christy
Location: South Bloomfield
Comments: We love our new RainSoft system. Our water tastes so much cleaner and better. When we take a shower, we feel like we have put lotion on our skin. It is really a great investment.
Name: Cory & Andrea
Location: Marion, Ohio
Comments: The water now tastes store bought. We are very pleased with our new systems.
Name: Bill & Jennifer
Location: Grove City, OH
Comments: I use less detergent and the shower feels so good.
Name: Dan & Julie
Location: Columbus, OH
Comments: The Airwave system makes a big difference in our home. We all have allergies.
Name: January
Location: Canal Winchester, OH
Comments: I drink four times more water since I purchased the RainSoft system. My clothes feel softer and my skin is less dry.
Name: Tomeka
Location: Blacklick, OH
Comments: The spots are gone.
Name: Kristi & Kyle
Location: New Albany, OH
Comments: Our son's excema is clearing up. We don't need to use as much soap.
Name: Marion & Marie
Location: Delaware, OH
Comments: I love the softness on my skin and hair.

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