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November 28, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I just had one of your systems installed (EC5). WOW! We love it. I have wanted soft water for a long time and I’m glad we decided on your company. My hair looks and feels softer and my skin feels great. I used to have an itching problem when we had hard water. Since the system installation I haven’t been itching.

To me, that’s definitely a plus. I’ve noticed my dishes and glassware is cleaner and I’m not using as much dish soap. My laundry smells great. Even my jewelry shines brighter. Who doesn’t want their fine jewelry looking like a million bucks. All in all, we are very pleased with your product. My husband is stuck on that lifetime warranty. What could be better? I will definitely be telling everybody who will listen about Rain Soft.

Pamela Oliver

I live in Marysville, Ohio. My children and I had problems with itchy scalp and red bumps and itchy skin. Our water smelled so bad; like rotten eggs. I went to Home Depot and they sent Mr. Latham from RainSoft to test our water. It really opened my eyes at our results. It was a shock to see how much chlorine and cloudy our water was. Since purchasing our system, our scalp and skin haven’t been itching. We have no odor to our water.

We have been able to drink good clean water. If I drink from the fountain at work it almost makes me sick at the taste. I also received a Clean Start machine for my washer. I use no detergent and I’m amazed that clothes and towels are clean from just cold water. I only add a little Softener for scent.

Thank you for helping my family. I know people are special. But purchasing lots of bottled water because you can’t drink water out of your own sink is not only expensive but sad because you shower, brush your teeth, or cook with that water; you are still consuming the bad water. I definitely recommend RainSoft.

Dear Sara, Allen and the entire RainSoft Crew,

Thank you so much for providing top of the line service to us during our move to our new home. We love our water system so much, so of course we were going to take it with us! We are so glad Allen came to our home and did the best sales pitch we’ve ever heard, that made buying the system a “no brainer.” Knowing we have the best water we can possibly get gives us as parents such peace of mind for our growing family. We truly believe RainSoft is something every family should have in their home, and we will continue to tell our friends and family all about our system, in hopes to get them to hop on the Rainsoft train, too.

Thanks again for everything.


The Augsbugers

Rod the sales Manager came to our house recently to test our water. We were very impressed with his honesty and professionalism. During all the tests all the tests that were done, Rod was very patient with us and answered every question. It was an added plus that some of his knowledge came from his own personal experience with RainSoft products. That showed that he truly believes in and trusts the products that he is selling. We were also pleased that he was not a pushy salesman and did not try to sell us products that we don’t need. Thank you so much for the great customer service!

Dear Gerry,

Wow! What an amazing gift! I had to read it again. Thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness. We are telling everyone about our amazing water and may have several referrals coming your way soon! We have never had a better experience purchasing any product! Thank you again for all you have done for us!

God bless you!

Adam and Elizabeth

P.S. I have even had to fill up jugs and distribute to my family who live in apartments!


We recently had an in-home water test performed by RainSoft and found that we had high levels of chlorine and metals in our water.  I wasn’t surprised by the levels of chlorine as we could smell it anytime we would get a glass of water out of the faucet or took a shower.  However, the water was much harder than I would have expected coming from treated city water.
We decided to purchase the whole-home EC4 water system along with the reverse osmosis drinking system and it eliminated the chlorine, hardness, metals, and all other impurities.  The water quality is now outstanding…more so than I ever anticipated.  We also opted to install the CleanStart system for the washing machine and, again, it works better than advertised.  We have not used a drop of laundry detergent with this system and our clothes are cleaner than ever.
Installation technician was extremely professional and performed a very clean installation of all systems.  Once installation was complete, the technician explained each system in more detail and how to operate.  Excellent experience from start to finish.
The water quality from the whole-home filtering system is outstanding and is truly one of the best investments we have made.

Purchasing the RainSoft system has been a great investment for our family. The water conditioner and reverse osmosis system is our favorite. A few of the reasons this system is worth the money is my family’s skin is softer and of course saving money on cleaning products. One of our children has eczema and his skin has got remarkably better. The quality of the drinking water is also a major benefit of this system. The installation of the system takes a few hours but I was pleased that the installer did not just leave me a book of instructions to read, but also explained to me the maintenance that needs to be completed.



My wife and I recently had a RainSoft representative come to our home.  He tested our water and showed us that it was hard, which we already knew.  We were using a store bought filter for our drinking water, and he tested that water as well.  Turns out that, that water was just as hard.  What sold us on purchasing the system was a test where he showed us how many pollutants were in our water, including sewage!  Even the filtered water was just as polluted, gross!!  Since we have had our rain soft water softener installed our water is smooth as silk.  But the drinking water is sparkling clean and delicious, that comes from our reverse osmosis spout.  Thank you RainSoft for educating us about our water.



We have noticed a huge difference since getting our RainSoft system. We were skeptical at first but are so thankful for it now. Our skin feels better as well as our bodies. The water is amazing.

Our neighbors and friends originally would always get a bottle of water from our fridge when they came over but now they bring empty cups and fill it up when they arrive and after they leave. They have a water softener and still notice our water tasting better.

So happy we purchased a RainSoft system

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