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We recently had an in-home water test performed by RainSoft and found that we had high levels of chlorine and metals in our water.  I wasn’t surprised by the levels of chlorine as we could smell it anytime we would get a glass of water out of the faucet or took a shower.  However, the water was much harder than I would have expected coming from treated city water.
We decided to purchase the whole-home EC4 water system along with the reverse osmosis drinking system and it eliminated the chlorine, hardness, metals, and all other impurities.  The water quality is now outstanding…more so than I ever anticipated.  We also opted to install the CleanStart system for the washing machine and, again, it works better than advertised.  We have not used a drop of laundry detergent with this system and our clothes are cleaner than ever.
Installation technician was extremely professional and performed a very clean installation of all systems.  Once installation was complete, the technician explained each system in more detail and how to operate.  Excellent experience from start to finish.
The water quality from the whole-home filtering system is outstanding and is truly one of the best investments we have made.