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The sales man was timely charming and knowledge, the installers were very polite and efficient. I had to have two installations of my equipment due to them not having the Mineral Remover on hand. Both sets of installers were pleasant and did their job very quickly. They explained, in detail, what maintenance needed done, and when. The owner was nice enough to give me some extra salt in exchange for having to have the system installed in two parts.

Now the product itself, I’m in love with it. My dog that has dry skin is itching less, the water really does help clear up the complexion. The flavor, or rather lack thereof, makes teas, coffees, and lemonade taste better. The dogs seem to like the reverse osmosis water better than they had liked the old tap water.

The green soaps also live up to their hype. I’ve got a sensitivity to most shampoos and clothing detergent. This stuff hasn’t caused me to have a break out since I’ve started using it. I love that the multipurpose cleaner can be made stronger or weaker depending on what you would like to use it for.


We love our water Conditioner and the  reverse osmosis.  The installer was great and the hook-up went smooth. Thank you for the fantastic water system and the great drinking water.  Thank you for being so nice and good at your job.  I really appreciate a very knowledgeable person, professionalism and friendliness.

Allen, just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the time you spent with me and my family explaining about water treatment, and why it’s important.  You were so much fun to talk to and work with, and you did a great job helping us understand the system. I’m so thankful we have a RainSoft system – our water tastes so much better and feels so much softer. And the fact that you gave us your cell phone number and have been able to answer questions for us on more than one occasion is AMAZING customer service.  Thank you so much!


I really enjoy the water, it is good  to have in every house. I will like to thank you, Allen, and all the employees of RainSoft, you guys are all awesome.

Hey Allen,

I can’t believe how much easier it is to comb through my hair now that I have the RainSoft system. For about 4 years now, it has taken me at least 30 min to comb through my hair and even then I lose much of it each time. Sometimes I just don’t want to comb it and just throw it up in a messy do (I never do that though). Hair dressers hate combing my hair because I’m so sensitive too. Haha.

Now it only takes me a few min to pick through my hair. I can almost comb it with just my fingers! I’m amazed and a true believer in your system!  Thanks for it all.

We love this water treatment system! It’s has been a great addition to our house. It leaves your skin feeling amazing, and it tastes great! We would recommend this to anyone.


My family and I would like to thank you for coming to our home and showing us how bad our water was for us. Since we had our water conditioner system installed we’ve noticed a tremendous difference in our water. From cleaning to showering it has been awesome. I would like to let you know I suffer from acid reflux and there are times at night I can’t sleep because of this. I wake up at times throwing up and the feeling of my throat on fire. Since I’ve been drinking this water I haven’t had this issue. When I drink this water my acid reflux has decreased tremendously. I can drink this water when it begins to flare up and it will ease the pain. I personally would like to thank you for this reason alone. I feel a whole lot better knowing my family and I aren’t drinking or bathing in bad water. Thank you.

One of the best experiences I ever had with a sales person in my home. Very, very nice. Whatever I did not understand he would stop and explain it until l did. Thank you for such people working in your company.

To whom it may concern

If you are going to purchase this rain soft product please do it right away and from Allen. He knows his stuff. An original appointment of 1 hour was 2.5 but it was worth it. He was able to answer all of my questions and the results of the water test were shocking and out right made me never want to touch or drink my own water again. I can tell you the since I have started using this product about 2.5 weeks now I can tell the difference in the shower and while drinking. The water is a lot softer and the taste is better. I had a friend over and she said it was the best water she ever tasted.

I recommend this product. Listen to the what the water test tells you and if it is something that is important to you and that you want cleaned up. Do it and you won’t regret it.


Sara Mareno

My two favorite aspects of this water treatment system are that my hair and skin are so much smoother, and my drinking water is so much better.  With this water treatment system, I do not have to wash my hair every day like I used to, and my hair is so much softer and smoother.  My drinking water is clearer, and so is my ice.  One wouldn’t think that the ice being clearer would be such a big deal, but it has become apparent to me that it was all of the dissolved solids in the ice that was causing it to fuse together when I poured water over it in a glass making it impossible to put a straw in the glass.  That doesn’t happen anymore.  The water looks and tastes so much cleaner and fresher.  Finally, the added bonus of the water system in the laundry room is amazing.  When Rod told us that we would not have to use laundry detergent anymore to get our clothes clean, I was skeptical.  I reluctantly tried it, and was completely surprised at how clean, bright, and fresh the clothes were–without laundry detergent!  This is one of the best investments we have ever made.

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