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I have had severe allergies all of my adult life and as a result I woke up every morning with a headache. Several months ago I had a RainSoft DFS installed in my bedroom and it has made a significant difference, I no longer wake up with a headache! My husband and I also love our reverse osmosis drinking system, the water tastes great and we are comfortable using it to mix our daughter’s formula.

Hi Allen,

I wanted to let you know that Jimmy and I are so glad we purchased a water treatment system! Our water tastes so much better and I can tell a huge difference when I wash my hair (I actually don’t have to wash it as often!! Which for a girl that colors her hair, that’s a great thing!)

Thank you so much for coming out and testing our water for us!

Laura & Jimmy


Laura Terry

Name: Debra & Jimmie
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Customer Since: 2/23/05
Equipment: AQC 50, UF 50 RO, AirWaves
Number in Household: 2

Comments: RainSoft has made our lives so much more enjoyable. We have saved money already in the first month, less water waste, less money spent on drinking water for our family, less cleaning needed on bathroom & kitchen, etc. We would recommend a RainSoft system to everyone.

Name: Ella Crandau
Location: Canal Winchester, Ohio
Customer Since: 1/06/05
Number in Household:

Comments: Tastes lots better, soft when washing hair, lathers up well

Name: Beth & Mark Peterson

Location: Pataskala, Ohio

Customer Since: 1/24/05

Equipment: UF 50 RO

Number in Household: 3


Comments: Love the new clean water in the RO.

Name: Bill & Jennifer Kellex
Location: Grove City, Ohio
Customer Since: 2/13/05
Number in Household:

Comments: Using less detergent, shower feels so good.

Name: Cedric Kelly Eichelberger
Location:   Blacklick, Ohio
Customer Since: 2/6/05
Equipment: AQC 75, UF 50RO, AirWaves
Number in Household: 3-5

Comments: Rainsoft water systems feels just like its name. Our clothes are softer and the water tastes good, that means a lot to me becuase I did not drink the water unless it was Dasani, I know how the city water is treated, therefore I refused to drink it. The water feels great when you come home from a long day at work and hop in the shower or tub.

Name: Carrie Groves
Location:   Upper Arlington, Ohio
Customer Since: 2/13/05
Equipment: AQC 50, UF 50, Airwaves
Number in Household: 2

Comments: I always feel moisturised after I wash my hands or take a shower. I love RainSoft.

Name: Steffen & Robin Rory
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Customer Since: 7/07/05
Equipment: AM & RO
Number in Household: 3

Comments: Chlorine is gone, water tastes better.

Name: Stacey Perkin
Location: . Galloway, Ohio
Customer Since:
Equipment: AQC 50, UF10 RO, AirWaves
Number in Household:

Comments: I have reduced cleaning time & bills since my installation. With several animals the air purification system is priceless.

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