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Dear RainSoft,

Rod came out to home and educated us on our water and opened our eyes to a healthier way of living. He informed us of what was in our water. Thanks to the new system we are on our way to a better way of living thank you.

Hi Sarah,

We wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new RainSoft water purification system. The water feels noticeably different than our “old” water. The purified water is so silky smooth and luxurious. I actually enjoy doing the dishes now, and showers are truly a treat. Just as Ryan Knipp promised, we are using significantly less soap and shampoo. My husband has noticed the lack of chlorine smell from the water (as compared to our previous water supply). We are please and have peace of mind knowing that our family is drinking safe, clean water. We also really appreciate the Prestige Dining Card and 5 year supply of household cleaning supplies. This made purchasing the system seem more affordable.

Ryan was courteous and knowledgeable, and the plumbers that installed the unit were dedicated and patient (Brent). They had to do some tricky maneuvering to get our drinking water lines in the appropriate positions and took the extra time to do the job right. On top of that, they gave us a thorough explanation of the system and made sure all of our questions were answered.

I do still have a question. Ryan mentioned that your parent company Aqueon supplies water for certain patients at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the OSU James. I work at NCH in Immunology, and I was curious about the details of what water and which patient population is receiving this water. He also said that some of the bottled water at Children’s is your purified water. Could you please get me the information about which waters at Children’s are RainSoft/ Aqueon?

Amber & Ben Patterson

Name: Greg Lee
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Customer Since: 3/29/2005
Equipment: AMC 50, P-6

Comments: Cut down on bottled water, chlorine smell is gone, skin is softer.

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