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I live in Marysville, Ohio. My children and I had problems with itchy scalp and red bumps and itchy skin. Our water smelled so bad; like rotten eggs. I went to Home Depot and they sent Mr. Latham from RainSoft to test our water. It really opened my eyes at our results. It was a shock to see how much chlorine and cloudy our water was. Since purchasing our system, our scalp and skin haven’t been itching. We have no odor to our water.

We have been able to drink good clean water. If I drink from the fountain at work it almost makes me sick at the taste. I also received a Clean Start machine for my washer. I use no detergent and I’m amazed that clothes and towels are clean from just cold water. I only add a little Softener for scent.

Thank you for helping my family. I know people are special. But purchasing lots of bottled water because you can’t drink water out of your own sink is not only expensive but sad because you shower, brush your teeth, or cook with that water; you are still consuming the bad water. I definitely recommend RainSoft.