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Winter months take a toll on our skin.  Wind and lower temperatures outdoors rob the skin of natural moisture.  Indoors, the heat and lack of humidity do the same.  So how can you beat those conditions, the effects of hard water, and keep your skin healthy this winter?   Conditioning your water can change the way your skin looks and feels.

Think about how the skin feels after a shower during the winter.  As soon as you step out and dry off, your skin feels tight and dry, almost like it might crack!  You immediately need to add moisture to the skin to feel comfortable.  One reason is that the tap water contains minerals and chemicals that deplete the skin of its natural moisture.  Chemicals, like chlorine, are added to the water supply to kill bacteria.  Magnesium, calcium and other minerals are picked up as the water seeps through the ground after a rain.  Those minerals deposit on the skin, just as they do on your showerhead (the white crust that you see around the showerhead is mineral deposits).

Conditioning the water through ion exchange technology removes minerals for a softer, smoother skin “finish” after a shower or bath.  Often, when people get a new Rainsoft water filtration system in their homes, they feel like their skin is not rinsed properly: like the skin is slippery or soapy, when in fact, the skin is simply free from the mineral deposits they previously experienced.  Shampooing the hair with conditioned water allows the soap to lather better, again, due to the lack of residue.  With a Rainsoft water conditioning system you can say goodbye to dry, itchy skin.  Call Rainsoft of Greater Columbus today to set up your in-home, no-cost water analysis today.  We know that you will be so glad you did.


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